Submerged 17 feet below sea level, Norwegian underwater window restaurant “Under” takes guests on an unmatched sea life dining experience hailed as the world’s largest underwater restaurant and the first in Europe. The three-story establishment opened its doors on March 20, 2019.

This experience is possible through a 36-foot panoramic window crafted, manufactured and installed using our acrylic underwater window panels.

Ivar Kvaal
Underwater window
Acrylic panel 36 foot long
Lindesnes, Norway

Material in Details

The sophisticated signature bonding process and monolithic technology allowed us to engineer an acrylic masterpiece that could not only withstand the rugged undersea conditions and incredible water pressure, but also provide a once in a lifetime perspective and experience for diners. Our team traveled onsite to conduct the installation of the 13-foot-tall acrylic panel, set inside the restaurant’s concrete body, and was integral in engineering components that ensure guests’ safety while enveloping them in the exquisite seabed setting.

Incredible Result

Underwater window restaurant Under highlights the beauty of the Norwegian coastal ecosystem by offering diners breathtaking ocean views of life under the sea paired with a menu of local land fare crafted and executed by master chef, Nicolai Ellitsgaard Pedersen. Due to the diverse marine biology in this specific area, patrons will observe an abundance of sea creatures attracted to the restaurant’s surrounding beams of light in search of nourishment.