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Iconic Materials

Iconic Materials are solid and pure materials with high-performance characteristics. If the demands are high, the quality better be too.

collosal skylight spa5

Collosal Skylights

Shape your colossal skylight with acrylic panels into never-seen-before designs

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Aquaria and zoo's underwater windows

Aquaria & Zoo's

Custom acrylic aquarium and zoo's underwater window panels.

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swimming pool window extending building

Swimming pools

High quality acrylic swimming pool panels or install-ready windows

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acrylic cylinders for waterslides

Water slides

our acrylic cylinders for waterslides have created unique experiences in water parks around the world

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acrylic thick panels interior and exterior application

Interior & Exterior

Create unique, acrylic spheres, barrel shapes, trumpet shapes, cones, curved tubes, and tunnels.

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wellness and spa acrylic panels reynolds

Welness & Spa

We help you create an experience that is both beautiful to look at and calming to relax in.

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viewing windows applications

Viewing windows

Create your own acrylic, viewing windows in unique shapes and various sizes.

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