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High-quality acrylic sheets and cylinders for engineering and construction

xxl acrylic panels and cylinders for engineering and construction

Reynolds has decades of experience producing custom-cast acrylic thick panels to address any feasibility concerns before production begins. Besides casting the material Reynolds also offers support in designing, engineering, and installing acrylic panels. With its advanced bonding and bending techniques Reynolds has the know-how to create spheres, barrel shapes, trumpet shapes, cones, curved tubes and cylinders for industrial and engineering applications.

The worlds clearest acrylic

The industry standard for obtaining thick acrylic (> 150mm thick), for most acrylic manufacturers, is to laminate a series of thinner panels together. Reynolds superior technology allows for monolithic castings, providing better optical and thermoforming properties.  Reynolds technology and expertise allow for custom castings that are 914 mm thick, a feat that no other company in the industry can match.