Swimming pools extended from the roofline

Material in Details

Swimming pools extended from the roofline become reality with the premium acrylic sheets from Reynolds. Reynolds supplied a large, curved piece of acrylic to serve as the wall at one end of a pool. The edge of the pool extends beyond the roofline and into the open air. The curved piece of acrylic allows guests to swim right up to the end of the pool and look down through the pool’s wall or the transparent acrylic beneath their feet. For safety reasons, the acrylic is curved quite steeply to prevent anyone from attempting to swim over the edge.

Incredible Result

This 22-inch wide cantilever pool is on the side of the building. Sitting at 40 stories high (that’s approximately 500′
in the air), this highly engineered pool gives dare-devil residents the feeling of floating in the air. The Highly Engineered Acrylic pool is 5.5 inches thick and weighs approximately 10,300 pounds. Are you looking for cantilevered or extended from the roof swimming pool windows? Feel free to contact us.