Have you ever stared in admiration at the window of a large aquarium at the zoo?  Or seen a swimming pool extended from a roofline, with a transparent window or bottom and thought how cool is that? I would love to experience this, but who makes such a thing? Well, we at Iconic Materials do!

With a small team, we manufacture, supply and install large acrylic (plexiglas) windows for professional aquariums and pools throughout Europe. We also offer maintenance and repairs for existing locations. We do all this from our office and warehouse in Gieten, Drenthe. Feel free to take a look at our project portfolio to get an impression of the amazing projects we do.

Current job openings:

Every week is different. One moment you are in Gieten doing various general jobs or preparing a window. The other moment you're in London, Berlin or Spain assembling a new acrylic window, usually taking around 7-10 days. The ratio on project location and in Gieten will be about 50/50, so never boring but also enough time for a social life.

Mechanical technician

You will work on Iconic Materials' various international projects. These can be small projects where we supply one window to supervising large zoo projects. Planning, transports, attending construction meetings, ordering materials, scheduling freelancers, permits and keeping a financial overview are part of your daily tasks. Full-time in Gieten or hybrid, both is possible.

Project manager
viewing windows

Good to know, speaking Dutch isn't required

We work mainly internationally. If you are not fluent in Dutch, that is no problem at all. English or other languages are more important to us, as our clients mainly communicate in English. If you speak another language, such as German/French/Spanish, that would certainly be an advantage!