Cast acrylic sheets (50-250mm)

  • European stock: 50-125mm
  • Thickness range: 50-250mm
  • Sheet size range: 2000-9000mm
  • Excellent UV stability + 10 years guarantee
  • Order sheets or install-ready windows


Premium brand Reynolds cast acrylic sheets

European stock Standard cast acrylic sheet sizes

M: 1220x2440mm
S: 1830x2440mm
HPX: 1000x3000mm
P: 2200x3250mm
PX: 2000x3000mm
HP: 1100x3250mm
L: 1820x4720mm
HBG: 1400x7180mm
HXB: 1500x9000mm
Thickness 50-125mm in the above-mentioned sheet sizes, supplied as sheets or install-ready windows.

Global stock

HL: 910x4720mm
XB: 3000x9000mm
BG: 2820×7190 mm
Thicknesses above 125mm are available on request. We can deliver up to 750mm as standard. For custom sizes, colours or UVT (UVD) fabrication, larger sheets/blocks or larger order volumes. Please contact us for a quote.

Characteristics cast acrylic sheets

Outstanding optical clarity  •  Excellent UV properties  •  High impact resistance – 17x more than glass and 4x more than concrete  •  Superb weather ability – won’t yellow or show signs of ageing •  Structural & can be engineered to support the weight.

Fabrication Options & finishes cast acrylic sheets

Forming  *  Bonding  *  Drilling  •  Cut-to-size  •  Routing/milling  •  Surface finishes: gloss/frosted
Edge finishes: chamfer (6mm), radius edge (3mm), polished edge, infinity edge and/or painted, covered edges (rebate area).

Applications acrylic sheets

Underwater windows, swimming pool windows, aquariums, skylights, displays, fountains, furniture, showcases, art & water features exhibitions, optical lenses, port hold windows, sight glass, scientific applications, hyperbaric champers, reactors, vacuum chambers, and bio-safety chambers.

Reynolds acrylic sheets are custom cast to the required thickness instead of laminating a series of thinner panels together. That’s why Reynolds offers the world’s clearest acrylic!