Solid & Clear acrylic sheets

  • European stock: 40-125mm
  • Thickness range: 40-250mm
  • Sheet size range: 2000-9000mm
  • Excellent UV stability + 10 years guarantee
  • Order sheets or install-ready windows


Our Highly Engineered solid and clear acrylic sheet doesn’t only look amazing, but it’s also very constructive. This co-cast of two acrylic sheets, a solid one and a clear one, has a high-end architectural look and all the advantages of acrylic.

Standard sheet sizes



12,5 and 25mm


clear and white
clear and blue

Characteristics cast acrylic sheets

Excellent UV properties  •    Superb weather ability – won’t yellow or show signs of ageing •  Structural & can be engineered to support weight.

Fabrication Options & finishes cast acrylic sheets

Forming  *  Bonding  *  Drilling  •  Cut-to-size  •  Routing/milling

Applications cast acrylic sheets

Displays, fountains, furniture, showcases, art & water features exhibitions and bar & reception front.

Reynolds acrylic is making the impossible possible!