Acrylic Ice structure sheets (clear & light blue)

  • Surface texture looks and feels realistic
  • Each sheet of ice is individually made
  • Excellent UV properties
  • Superb weather ability


Our acrylic ice structure sheets don’t only look realistic. Its surface texture feels realistic with real ice peaks, valleys, and contours, but obviously without the freezing temperatures.

Each sheet of ice is individually made and is one-of-a-kind. This means that the texture of the ice is completely randomized without any repetitive patterns. This ensures that the ice more closely resembles real ice, particularly with light refractions off the surface. The ice structure sheets of Reynolds are known for their structure and, of course, for their thickness: 12,7 and 25mm. Reynolds is the only acrylic manufacturer that offers ice structures in 2 colours: clear and light blue.

Standard sheet sizes acrylic ice structure sheets



12,7 – 25mm


clear and light blue

Characteristics ICE STRUCTURE acrylic sheets

Excellent UV properties  •    Superb weather ability – won’t yellow or show signs of ageing •  Structural & can be engineered to support the weight.

Fabrication Options Acrylic ice structure sheets

Forming  *  Bonding  *  Drilling  •  Cut-to-size  •  Routing/milling

APPLICATIONS Acrylic ice structure sheets

Displays, fountains, furniture, showcases, art & water features exhibitions and bar & reception front.


Reynolds acrylic is making the impossible possible!