acrylic cylinders for transparent waterslides
transparent waterslides

Have you ever gone down a transparent waterslide?

Our acrylic cylinders’ clarity and XXL sizes are perfect for designing a transparent waterslide. This kind of waterslide offers unique experiences in water parks around the world, producing fun memories and thrilling experiences for both the rider and observer. Our XXL acrylic cylinders have an outside diameter of up to 2438 mm. Did you know acrylic cylinders have a higher impact resistance than alternative materials, like glass (17x) and even concrete (4x)?

In addition to XXL acrylic cylinders, we also cast acrylic panels in large sizes for underwater windows and water park features. Our acrylic from Reynolds Polymer Technology can be moulded and bonded into various shapes, sizes, lengths, and configurations, offering different experiences such as straight drops, twists, turns, or even enclosed sections.

Architectural freedom and flexibility

Therefore, it enables water park architects and designers to have complete flexibility and freedom over the thrill they aim to provide to adventure seekers and tailor it to specific needs and space constraints. These cylinders or tubes can be designed for water parks, amusement parks, or even private installations.

Advantages acrylic cylinders

Using acrylic cylinders from Reynolds for waterslides offers several advantages. They are durable and UV resistant, meaning they won’t turn yellow or degrade when exposed to sunlight. This ensures that the waterslide maintains its clarity and appearance for years to come, even in outdoor environments. The transparent nature of the acrylic allows riders to see the surroundings as they slide down, adding to the excitement. It provides a smooth surface for sliding, enhancing the speed and enjoyment of the ride. Unlike some other materials, acrylic does not have rough edges or seams that can cause discomfort or injury to riders. Installation of these tubes requires expertise to ensure safety and structural integrity.

Reynolds Polymer Technology is the only company worldwide that designs, engineers, casts, forms, fabricates, and installs cast acrylic panels and cylinders. As a specialist in acrylic cylinders for waterslide applications, Reynolds Polymer maintains complete control over the quality of every step of the process. If you would like more information or are interested in our projects, please contact us or check our acrylic cylinders on our website.