acrylic above the Arctic Circle
acrylic above the Arctic Circle
acrylic above the Arctic Circle

Reynolds acrylic above the Arctic Circle

We are excited to introduce one of our latest projects we very recently landed to apply and install our acrylic above the Arctic Circle. We have been asked on behalf of Reynolds to install an acrylic tunnel, one large window, two small windows and a dome in the soon-to-be-built brand-new extension of Polaria in Norway, an Arctic Experience Centre. All made of Reynolds acrylic, of course.

Seal pool holding 1 million litres of water

Polaria is part of the Norwegian Polar Insitute and already has several aquariums in which Arctic species such as seals live. The seals will be moved to the new extension, which will hold a seal pool with 1 million litres of water, and lots of natural daylight will flow in through the acrylic windows. We will also put a large corner window in one of the existing aquariums. 

Above the Arctic Circle

In Norway, Reynolds Polymer Technology is seen as the expert in building aquariums due to their years of experience, expertise, and knowledge in this field. We feel privileged to be able to help construct such a challenging project, especially because it is above the Arctic Circle, which means weather conditions will have a significant impact on the implementation of the acrylic tunnel, windows, and dome. It will be quite an Arctic Experience for all involved. We look forward to starting this fantastic new project in 2024.

If you need an aquarium (re)built or underwater windows (re)placed, please contact us and learn about all the possibilities of Reynolds Polymer Technology acrylic sheets, cylinders, underwater windows, tunnels, domes, and panels.

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