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Install-ready pool windows

Acrylic swimming pool windows can provide a stunning visual feature while also enhancing users’ swimming experience. Are you looking for an acrylic panel or install-ready pool windows? We supply high-quality acrylic panels and semi-finished or finished, install-ready pool windows for privately and commercially owned swimming pools. However, proper design, installation, and maintenance are essential to ensure their long-term performance and safety. Acrylic is a popular material for swimming pool windows due to its clarity, durability, and resistance to water.

Install-ready pool windows, big and small

Going big or mega is not always necessary when using acrylic panels or windows. Acrylic windows are also very popular in smaller private pools. Don’t hesitate to contact us for small, one-off, install-ready windows. We are happy to help. Whether it is to create an underwater viewing area to allow swimmers to see outside of the pool or to install a window on the side of the pool to be able to enjoy the garden or views, all is possible. Acrylic panels can also be used to create built-in seating or lounge areas within the pool to allow users to relax while partially submerged in the water.

Acrylic panels for an infinity pool

Acrylic panels from Reynolds Polymer Technology can be used in infinity edge pool designs to create a seamless visual effect. The acrylic panels are typically installed at the edge of the pool, where the water flows over, providing a stunning view of the surrounding landscape. Acrylic windows in private pools offer endless possibilities for customization. They can be designed in various shapes, sizes, and configurations to suit the specific preferences and requirements of the pool owner. The thickness of the acrylic panels depends on the size of the window and the water pressure it will need to withstand. Thicker panels are needed for larger windows or installations with higher water pressure, such as deeper pools. Reynolds acrylic sheets are custom cast to the required thickness instead of laminating a series of thinner panels together. That’s why Reynolds offers the world’s clearest acrylic!

Can the acrylic windows or panels be finished?

Yes, for sure! Whether you need one swimming pool window or more, we will make them measure for you from 9-metre-long sheets. With chamfer, radius edge or infinity edge, polished, with painted (covered) edges, finished and fitted. One-off install-ready pool window as well series.

acrylic sheet extra thick

We can provide Reynolds standard acrylic panels, but we can also cut them to any size you need and supply made-to-measure windows. Whatever you prefer, we can finish the edges by polishing them, or you can have an infinity edge. The edges can be painted to cover the concrete or rebate area. All design requirements, dimensions, location, and structural considerations will be discussed. We have the expertise and equipment to safely and effectively handle acrylic installations. This will help ensure a successful outcome and long-lasting enjoyment of the finished product.

Delivery and assembly of acrylic install-ready pool windows

We will ensure that the window is delivered safe and sound, no matter what size. The acrylic panels and windows will be delivered to the construction site or installation location. Before assembly can begin, the installation area needs to be prepared. This may involve cleaning the surfaces, ensuring proper drainage, and creating a secure foundation or support structure for the acrylic panels.

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