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Viewing windows: don’t think big, think mega!

Acrylic viewing windows are available in various sizes and unique shapes. Feel free to shape your viewing window into never-seen-before designs. With the high-quality, extra thick and extra long panels from Reynolds Polymer Technology, you have the opportunity to create endlessly. Where glass stops, acrylic starts. Glass windows can be made quite long but have their limitations width-wise.

Unlike glass, which needs laminating thinner sheets together, acrylic can be cast to the required thickness for the project in a single pour. The fact that it is then lighter in weight also comes in handy here. We cast acrylic with a maximum sheet size of 3050x8860mm up to 711mm thick, but sizes are limitless using signature bonds to name one.

Other advantages of acrylic are its lightweight nature, durability, and shatterproof properties.

Viewing windows made from acrylic

They can be used for architecture and industrial applications, in offices, storefronts, hotels, museums, restaurants or any commercial or residential structure to allow natural light in or create an interesting viewpoint while providing a sturdy and impact-resistant barrier.

Don’t think big, think mega

The acrylic panels can be shaped in specific forms and mega sizes, so you can create a custom-shaped giant round acrylic viewing window. It is also possible to create free-standing, self-supporting viewing windows. Or how about using large cylindrical viewing parts? The acrylic panels can even be bent to create a unique viewpoint.

Reynolds Polymer Technology is the world leader in manufacturing and installing the most amazing acrylic viewing windows and the only company worldwide that designs, engineers, casts, forms, fabricates, and installs cast acrylic panels. Please contact us for more information.