swimming pool window
infinity swimming pool windows panels
install-ready pool windows

Install-ready pool windows

Acrylic swimming pool windows can provide a stunning visual feature while also enhancing users’ swimming experience. Are you looking for an acrylic panel or install-ready pool windows? We supply high-quality acrylic panels and semi-finished or finished, install-ready pool windows for privately and commercially owned swimming pools. However, proper design, installation, and maintenance are essential to […]

acrylic cylinders for transparent waterslides
transparent waterslides

Have you ever gone down a transparent waterslide?

Our acrylic cylinders’ clarity and XXL sizes are perfect for designing a transparent waterslide. This kind of waterslide offers unique experiences in water parks around the world, producing fun memories and thrilling experiences for both the rider and observer. Our XXL acrylic cylinders have an outside diameter of up to 2438 mm. Did you know […]

viewing window
installation huge viewing window prague
huge viewing window acrylic glass Reynolds praque
viewing window acrylic large by night praque
xxl acrylic panels and cylinders for engineering and construction

Viewing windows: don’t think big, think mega!

Acrylic viewing windows are available in various sizes and unique shapes. Feel free to shape your viewing window into never-seen-before designs. With the high-quality, extra thick and extra long panels from Reynolds Polymer Technology, you have the opportunity to create endlessly. Where glass stops, acrylic starts. Glass windows can be made quite long but have […]

create daylight with an acrylic skylight
skylight acrylic panel st paul's london
collosal skylight spa5
collosal skylight with water features1

Create daylight with an acrylic skylight

There are several ways to create daylight in dark areas of houses and buildings, but especially in urban areas, it proves difficult to create natural daylight, whether it is because it’s not possible to use glass or to get the necessary permits for extensions. A skylight made of acrylic is your answer. Create daylight with […]

acrylic above the Arctic Circle
acrylic above the Arctic Circle
acrylic above the Arctic Circle

Reynolds acrylic above the Arctic Circle

We are excited to introduce one of our latest projects we very recently landed to apply and install our acrylic above the Arctic Circle. We have been asked on behalf of Reynolds to install an acrylic tunnel, one large window, two small windows and a dome in the soon-to-be-built brand-new extension of Polaria in Norway, […]

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