create daylight with an acrylic skylight
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Create daylight with an acrylic skylight

There are several ways to create daylight in dark areas of houses and buildings, but especially in urban areas, it proves difficult to create natural daylight, whether it is because it’s not possible to use glass or to get the necessary permits for extensions. A skylight made of acrylic is your answer. Create daylight with an acrylic skylight.

Acrylic begins where the possibilities with glass ends

With acrylic, the possibilities are endless. You can get creative and shape your skylight with acrylic panels into never-before-seen designs. With Reynolds Polymer Technology’s thick acrylic panels, you have the opportunity to give your skylight unique shapes, colossal sizes and water features. You can create a large skylight that gives you both daylight and, due to the thick acrylic material, insulation as well. You could even give it the shape of a sphere bulging outwards.

Or why not think big and design a dual aspect above-ground skylight that offers a transparent view into your underground room, giving you daylight into your basement from the garden and a see-through from your garden into your basement, where the gym, cinema, bowling alley or swimming pool is. You could combine the acrylic skylight with a water feature to make it even more spectacular.

Adding light and value to your home

The renovation can pay for itself and add value to your home as your basement gains function, with lots of natural light coming in through the skylight, making it an official extra living space. A win-win situation.

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Please contact us if you would like more information about acrylic skylights and/or water features.