underwater window seal basins

Seal Basins on the roof of World Heritage Centre Waddenzee

In the newly built World Heritage Centre Waddensea in Lauwersoog, we will install an underwater window for the seal basins. The sea-water-filled basins will be located on the roof. How cool is that! We are happy to take on this great project, commissioned by Dijkstra Draaisma and funded by UNESCO.

The Wadden Sea World Heritage Centre was designed by the Danish architectural firm Dorte Mandrup. They used advanced and innovative techniques and sustainable, reusable materials that will be able to withstand the climate of Lauwersoog and its outer dike location. For this reason, it’s essential to use high-quality materials, like the premium acrylic from Reynolds. The size of the acrylic underwater windows for the seal basins is 3.25m x 2.40m, and the thickness is 115 mm.

Underwater windows seal basins: World Heritage Centre Waddensea

On the initiative of Pieterburen Seal Centre, the Wadden Sea World Heritage Centre is being realised in the port of Lauwersoog. The World Heritage Centre in Lauwersoog will be the new place to experience the Wadden area. On the border of land and water, between Lauwersmeer and the Wadden Sea: the only natural UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Netherlands. Here, forces of curious visitors, researchers, seal keepers, sustainable fishermen, residents and entrepreneurs will be combined. The expected opening to the public is in spring 2025.

Feel free to contact us and learn about all the possibilities of Reynolds acrylic for underwater windows for seal basins.

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