underwater windows aquarium

Korallhavet: the largest aquarium for living corals

This was a fantastic project to produce and install underwater windows in the largest aquarium for living corals in Sjofarts Museet Akvariet, The Maritime Museum and Aquarium in Gothenburg, Sweden. The aquarium holds 30 tonnes of coral stone, two tonnes of sand, just over 400,000 litres of water and a collection of living corals. You can only imagine how strong the used materials needed to support and contain all that weight. We used high-quality acrylic from Reynolds Polymer Technology.

The Maritime Museum and Aquarium opened its doors in 1912 and was designed by architect Karl M. Bengtson. The new aquarium contains fifteen aquariums, displaying environments from different parts of the ocean, from cold deep-sea aquariums to warm tropical waters. The aquarium has been excavated under the ground in the park and is not visible from the outside. It has twice the area, and the aquariums hold ten times as much water as before. Visitors can view endangered stony corals and learn how a coral reef grows over time. The Coral Sea is not only one of the largest aquariums for living corals in Europe, but it is also a research aquarium and a living gene bank. A joint database is being constructed to connect other public coral aquariums in Europe – and, in the long run, the world.

If you need an aquarium (re)built or underwater windows (re)placed, please contact us and learn about all the possibilities of Reynolds Polymer Technology acrylic sheets, cylinders, underwater windows and panels.

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