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Install-ready pool windows

Acrylic swimming pool windows can provide a stunning visual feature while also enhancing users’ swimming experience. Are you looking for an acrylic panel or install-ready pool windows? We supply high-quality acrylic panels and semi-finished or finished, install-ready pool windows for privately and commercially owned swimming pools. However, proper design, installation, and maintenance are essential to […]

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Why acrylic cylinders XXL?

Acrylic cylinders XXL weren’t easy to find in Europe, but now they are because of Corbier Iconic Materials, the European importer of Reynolds Polymer Technology. So how large are these massive tubes? Believe us; they are tremendous. In fact, Reynolds casts these tubes up to a diameter of 2.5 metres. What are these giant tubes […]

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swimming pool windows

Acrylic vs Glass

While glass was once the primary material and has been used the longest, advances in acrylic technology delivered a more versatile product that many professionals now prefer. Acrylic is recommended for large installations that demand expansive windows, custom shapes, or the seamless joining of several panels. Please read our blog about acrylic vs glass: 6 […]