Spincast acrylic cylinder with large wall thickness reynolds
transparent waterslides
acrylic cylinders for transparent waterslides

Why acrylic cylinders XXL?

Acrylic cylinders XXL weren’t easy to find in Europe, but now they are because of Corbier Iconic Materials, the European importer of Reynolds Polymer Technology. So how large are these massive tubes? Believe us; they are tremendous. In fact, Reynolds casts these tubes up to a diameter of 2.5 metres. What are these giant tubes used for, might be the next question. For example, aquariums or water slides but also for engineering applications. And do you know what is excellent about these tubes besides their enormous sizes? They are UV stable, and Reynolds gives a 10-year guarantee, including outdoor use and applications. No supplier in Europe is willing to guarantee that.

Are you looking for acrylic tubes with XXL wall thickness? For mechanical applications with high pressure? We spin-cast our acrylic cylinders (acrylic tubes) with wall thicknesses 6,4 – 9,5 – 12,7 – 19 – 25,4mm.

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