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Swimming pool window possibilities are endless

Using Reynolds acrylic for swimming pools takes your design to the next level. Whether the swimming pool windows are commercial or for private use, the result will be truly extraordinary. The swimming pool window possibilities are endless: a private residence pool, public swimming pool, water slides, spa pool, rooftop pool or infinity-edge pool.

Every exceptional pool project will look beautiful and sophisticated and feel unreal to plunge into by using acrylic panels, install-ready windows or cylinders, which can be moulded and bonded in any shape and size you need. Whatever you’d like to accomplish with your pool, acrylic technology can enhance that design.

Sky swimming pool

A “floating” swimming pool, which spans two buildings, is in the air. The pool consists of one solid, 14-inch-thick piece of Reynolds acrylic and is made from totally transparent polymer. Words can’t adequately describe the finished product; it must be witnessed. The design appears simple to the public, but the concept is incredibly complex. It is a one-of-a-kind floating pool, an amazing architectural statement, and one of the best examples of highly engineered acrylic in the world.

Extended Roof swimming pool

A swimming pool that extends from the roofline protrudes several feet beyond the edge of the building. A clear Reynolds acrylic panel serves as the edge of the pool, which certainly catches the eye. Or what about a transparent version? A large, acrylic curved pool window serves as the wall at one end of a pool. The edge of the pool extends beyond the roofline and into the open air. The curved piece of acrylic allows guests to swim right up to the end of the pool and look down through the pool’s wall or the transparent acrylic beneath their feet. For safety reasons, the acrylic is curved quite steeply to prevent anyone from attempting to swim over the edge.

Reflecting Spa pool

underwater window panels for wellness and spa 4

A reflecting pool makes use of a highly engineered acrylic window and enhances a feeling of calm tranquillity. From the reflecting pool, visitors to the spa descend a staircase into a lower room. The reflecting pool they saw on the upper floor is now a shimmering skylight for those on the floor below.

The examples above are, of course, architectural and structural masterpieces, but acrylic windows, sheets, panels and cylinders can also be used for the more ‘down to earth’ swimming pool you’d like to design. With or without an acrylic tube waterslide or acrylic infinity edge.