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[ semifinished or install-ready ]

Acrylic panel or window?

Are you looking for a panel or a window? We supply high-quality acrylic panels semifinished or finished into an install-ready underwater or swimming pool window.

  • 01
    Cut to Size

    We supply made-to-measure acrylic windows with a chamfer and/or radius edge.

  • 02
    Edge finishing

    Do you prefer a polished edge or an infinity edge?

  • 03
    Covered edges

    To cover the concrete or rebate area we paint the edges.

  • 04

    We will make sure the window will be delivered safe and sound, no matter what size.

[ frequently asked questions ]

About acrylic panels & cylinders

Why acrylic instead of glass?

While glass was once the primary material, advances in acrylic technology delivered a more versatile product that many professionals now prefer. Acrylic is recommended for large installations that demand expansive windows, custom shapes, or the seamless joining of several panels together. >> Read our blog about acrylic vs glass: 6 reasons to choose acrylic.

Do you guarantee UV stability?

Reynolds Polymer Technology is the only acrylic cylinders and tubes manufacturer with a 10-year guarantee on UV stability for outdoor use and applications.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Can I buy a window instead of a panel?

Yes, for sure! Wether you need one swimming pool window or more, we will make them to measure for you from 9-metre-long sheets. With chamfer, radius edge or infinity edge, polished, with painted (covered) edges, finished and fitted.

Feel free to contact us for a customised quote.

Do you bend large acrylic panels?

Yes! Acrylic can be formed into nearly any shape, and the configurations are nearly endless when used with Reynolds' proprietary, invisible seam bonding process to glue panels together. So whether it's a tunnel along the floor of an aquarium exhibit, an underwater room in a restaurant, or a colossal viewing panel or skylight, we offer you the capability to go beyond the ordinary.

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Looking for some inspiration?

underwater window panels 9 meter long reynolds